MongoDB Performance on ZFS and Linux

This was written during my time at Clock. Here at Clock we love ZFS, and have been running it in production on our Linux file servers for several years. It provides us with numerous excellent features, such as snapshotting, incremental send/receive, and transparent compression. With the recent release of Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 official support for ZFS is now here, and we are keen to integrate it fully into [Read More]

FZF & RipGrep - Navigate with bash faster than ever before

I've always had fzf and ripgrep on my radar, and I've finally gotten around to using them together. Good lord it makes a world of difference, especially when added to Vim as well as Bash. Add the following snippet to your ~/.bashrc, this add's fzf keybindings to bash and gets fzf to use ripgrep by default for faster searching. [ -f ~/.fzf.bash ] && source ~/.fzf.bash export FZF_DEFAULT_ [Read More]

About Me

Hello! I'm Owen, I've been studying Software Engineering in the the beautiful town of Aberystwyth for the last few years, now I'm working in Switzerland! I mainly code in NodeJS, Python and C, although I am open to trying out new things like Haskell, Rust and Go. Last year I worked at Clock Ltd, and learned a whole lot of new tech that I had never even considered before; as [Read More]