Hello! I'm Owen, after working in Lausanne Switzerland, I decided to quit my job and go travelling for as long as I could. That adventure has taken me all around America and back to Herrang for the summer. I'm now thinking of staying in Sweden, so if you know of a company that could use someone with my skills let me know!


Previously I worked at Clock Ltd, and learned a whole lot of new tech that I had never even considered before; as well as making some amazing friends. Clock taught me how things should be done, which I'm so thankful for as my previous employer in Switzerland was able to show me how things shouldn't be done.

Outside of tech also really passionate about swing dance and traditional jazz. I've spent the last few summers working at Herrang Dance Camp, having the time of my life, and helping to make the biggest and best celebration of jazz dance happen. If you want to talk traditional jazz and swing, let me know!

Back to nerdy things, I am really proud of is my Linux and Vim setups, I've actually done a few talks on Vim at BCS meetings and you can find my vimrc here. If you have any questions or comments let me know I love a chance to nerd out on it.

Here are some of my side projects:

  • It's back - Written in NodeJS, this is a website that alerts users in real time when a site comes back up after being offline.
  • Daily Mail Bot - ┬áProtest bot written in Python, that mirrors Daily Mail & Sun articles posted to reddit.
  • Process Game - A small C game I made as a learning exercise. Find a way to kill the game without it knowing.
  • OandXs - Noughts and crosses in a recursive manner, so that the game can be played multiple layers deep.
  • Gists - A few nice snippets of code that I was particularly proud of.

If you like what I do, and want to send me a beer you can donate crypto to me at these addresses:

BTC | 15FYeMgQsETViUcc8JtSmoHmCAmADy2Ymn
ARK | ANKmYTHV7QdkcLz2R65uMzEvcRRdz2iRQm
ETH | 0x7fac974ac795c1ff115a1f2d4b1196dc4005f1bf